The next morning, we had to get up pretty early. Antony, Frank, Mandy and I had planned on some scuba diving that day so we had a quick breakfast and took off on a bus to Cancun. The rest of the gang stayed behind to do some resort activities. Specifically, Brooke and Meghan had planned some hobie cat sailing while Jennifer and Jason just wanted to stay poolside and rest a bit.

(Jennifer's got the kind of skin that tans rapidly, curse her! The previous day's expedition had already given her a nice foundation. In a few days, she'd be nicely roasted. 🙂

To be honest, the scuba we did in Cancun wasn't great. We did get to visit this kind of underwater museum made of dozens of statues, apparently put there to help restore the coral life over time. Unfortunately, we were with a rather big, loud, and obnoxious  group of people, and the ride to the dive site wasn't that much fun. Worse yet, at the bottom, some were just acting like idiots (grabbing life forms or damaging the coral reefs by bumping into them). But all in all, I enjoy diving and once I got over these idiots, I had a good time.

To be fair, it wasn't all bad. I got to see a lot of girls in swimsuits and some of them were HAWT  (Mandy among them). There was this brown-skinned latina girl in a white bikini that just had the most exquisite eyes! Part of me secretly wanted to bring her back home and see if SHE would be impressed by my new size. (Yes, Mandy was still apparently indifferent to that, and it was bothering me a bit.)

We came back to the resort mid-afternoon, and Mandy & I retired to our room to clean our gear from salt water. That's usually done by going in the shower and rinsing everything thoroughly. Mandy stood outside, handing me the equipment, and I'd give it back to her once it was clean. But since this was a very large shower (5 people could have stood up in there), Mandy came in with me. I started the showeer, got into the water, and lifted a hand, waiting for her to hand me something. She didn't. Instead, she got closer and pushed a boob against my hand.

"Oops," I said.

"You know," she said, wrapping her arms around my neck, "it was Christmas a few days ago, and I know a chimney that's in need of a good sweeping."

"Uh huh..."

"And you've got just the right tool for it."

"Uh huh..."

"And I've seen how you ogled that girl on the boat... And I know what you wanted to do to her."

Busted! Was I in trouble?

"Ahh..." I said, eloquent as ever.

Mandy pushed me back against the wall. It was a little rough. I liked it. She grabbed my crotch. I liked it too.

"Do these things to me. Right now."

And so, I performed my boyfriend duties to the best of my abilities. I realize I should have suspected something, but there was very little blood flow to my brain at the moment, so it wasn't until later I would make the connection (you will too, shortly).

We came out of our room about an hour later and headed to the area of the pool where we knew we'd find Jennifer and Jason. It wasn't hard finding them, either. Jennifer's a busty girl and there are always groups of males hovering in the area where she is, trying to get a good view of her boobs (always from a distance). Jason wasn't there when we caught up with her (he'd gone to get drinks, but hadn't returned yet). Brooke and Meghan were also there, chatting animatedly.

I remember thinking Jennifer looked spectacular, almost statuesque, just lying there on the sun lounger. I could see that Brooke and Meghan thought so. Brooke was cuddling Meghan from behind, and while she was touching her gently, I could see her eyes were fixed on Jennifer's ample bust.

Meghan looked around. "I wonder where Jason is with those drinks," she commented. "I'll go see what's up."

I detached my eyes from Jennifer's amazing figure (I'd never realized how big her boobs were, and the undersized green bikini she was wearing was making that clearer). "I'll go with," I offered. Things were better between us, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to spend more time together and bond a little. And getting away from Jennifer's chest sounded like the right thing to do, since I was getting (inappropriately) excited.

So Mandy & Brooked stayed with Jenn while Meghan and I wandered off in the direction of the bar. We passed in front of her hotel room in the process (which was a room with an outside door and a balcony), at which point she stopped. "Do you mind if we go in a minute? I want to get my camera and take some picture of all of us."

Sure. Why not.

We went inside. I waited at the door as she went in, her back to me. I noticed that she untied her top and tossed it on the bed. Then she turned to face me, so I covered my eyes as a gentleman should. (And I didn't want to get any more aroused than I already was.)

"You don't have to look away, nothing you haven't seen before." Her voice sounded closer.

"S'okay, I don't think it' be appropriate..."

"Yeah. I get that. Speaking of appropriate..."

And I SWEAR I meant to stop what happened next, but it just happened too fast.

With one swift motion, she almost simultaneously pulled down my swimming trunks, pushed me against the door, and swallowed the erect snake between my legs. I was so surprised I didn't know how to react for a few seconds, then I put my hands on her head, intending to push her away. But it felt GOOOOOOD. And then I found my hands encouraging her back-and-forth motions. It got faster, and it felt increasingly better, and it wasn't a minute before I reached the finish line.

She didn't miss a drop.

"Aah, that hit the spot," she said. She got up, put on a t-shirt, and came back to give me a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for that. Take all the time you want getting out. See you pool side."

And she was out.