On the morning of Day 4, I found myself dreaming about what had happened with Meghan the day before. And because it was a dream, it was twice as pleasurable, for only a fraction of the guilt. Of course, this was going to change the moment I woke up, but at that time, I didn't know that.

And in reality, when I woke up, I had a raging boner that made me forget about any guilt I might have. The other thing I have to mention about said boner was that... it was in Mandy's mouth, who was having an early breakfast at my expense.

So really, the guilt washed over me after this all happened.

"There," she said. "You're awake. Finally. I'm hungry. Get ready, everybody else is waiting for us."

Huh? Really?

"Frank and Antony have already gone to reserve a table. Jennifer and Jason are standing in front of our front door. And Brooke & Meghan are making out in the back, in our hammock." Mandy pointed to our patio doors in the back. And sure enough, there they were, both of them, sitting in a weird leg-locked position, their crotches grinding, kissing & fondling each other.

"Heh. They sure don't look like they're in a rush, these two..."

"Yeah," Mandy commented. They've been like this for the last half-hour. I think they each came four-five times. I lost count a bit while giving you that morning hummer..."

"Which was much appreciated!"

I got dressed quickly, and as I came down from my wake-up orgasm, I also relived in my mind what had happened with Meghan the night before. I had to TELL Mandy, but how could I bring that up now? I really should've told her the night before, but coming back from dinner, she'd been so primed for sex, for some reason, that she jumped me the moment we came back to our room. We didn't have much energy to talk after that and passed out for the night.

But now, in the light of day, it all felt like a disaster waiting to happen. Another vacation, another infidelity drama, except THIS time, I was on the cheating end. I'd have to figure this out and tell Mandy before the day was over.

Speaking of Mandy, she was a SIGHT to see! Wearing this tiny bikini that barely hid much of her spectacular body was enough to distract me from my guilt. The bottom had barely enough fabric to serve as a handkerchief for an ant with a cold. And the top, while nicely covering her amazing breasts, did little to hide her obscenely erect nipples.

"Are... you going to go out like this?" I asked. "You're like an advertisement for sex..."

She looked down at herself and, slowly, nodded. "You're right." She grabbed a kind of diaphanous skirt and wrapped it around her hips. "Better?"

Frankly, it wasn't. While it hid her crotch a little bit, it just made me want to rip it off and bang her right there. I was sure any guy in his right mind would want to do the same. Maybe even Antony or Frank...

But I had to commend her for the effort, and mumble something about it being "better."

My feelings of guilt were rapidly fading behind the rising flood of sex thoughts that were filling my mind. Somewhere, way in the back, a little voice was trying to scream at me to wake up and realize what was happening, but I wasn't seeing it. I can tell NOW that there was faerie magic at work, but at the time, away from Minx or Attitude, there was little to remind me that the influence of faeries can be far-reaching.

Breakfast was excruciatingly long. I could barely take my eyes off Mandy's body, and when I did, I found myself staring at Brooke's breasts, or Jennifer's, or Meghan's. I could tell the other guys were doing the same, and the girls seemed to be getting off on it. There were lots of non-subtle innuendos flying about, about breakfast sausages or fertilized eggs. We could barely wait to finish eating to get back to our rooms.

I guarantee it was a GOOD thing we had no plans that day except to veg out at the resort.

Much later in the morning, Mandy & I came out of our room and found ourselves two recliner chairs on the beach. It was a small miracle that no one had reserved them. It turned out to be a double-miracle when Mandy leaned near my ear and whispered "Boobs" in it, her head tilting toward a couple next to us. True story, I swear! The woman in the couple was just lying there, soaking in the sun, sporting an impressive (and quite fake) pair of breasts. Most people were just looking at her with discreet glances. Mandy & I weren't so subtle. "That's quite a rack she has," I murmured. Mandy agreed, adding "Perky nipples, too."

I looked at her. "Well, YOU'RE perky." She looked at my crotch. "So are you."

It wasn't long before the woman turned her back to us. She'd probably heard us and got slightly embarrassed. Heh. If she'd only known what I was thinking about, and how I'd mix-n-match her boobs and my own gear, she'd probably have run screaming.

Mandy and I turned out attention to a game of beach volleyball that was happening right next to us. It wasn't a GREAT game, but it was made more entertaining by a precious, bosomy brunette that had just joined in to play. She was really useless, but it was great fun to watch her prancing about, waiting for someone to pass the ball to her (which never happened if her teammates could avoid it). There was another girl on the other side who was much, much better. She wasn't as hot, but she was clearly more athletic and I kind of liked her better. I would totally do her. I could tell Mandy liked her, too.

I was getting thirsty, so I left to get us some drinks. When I came back, a good 10 minutes later, I found Mandy still sitting in our spot, but now accompanied by the athlete girl. Mandy was always great at picking up chicks.

"Jaycee, this is Lacey," she said. "She's here with some girl friends, all by herself." That was obvious code for "single and available."

"Nice to meet you, Lacey." I extended my hand to shake hers. She took it. Invisible sparks flew between us.

"My friends just call me Lay." She winked mischievously at me, her eyes averting mine a little.

"I like that name," Mandy said.

Look, I'll spare you the rest of the dialogue. It would probably sound REAL corny, and it probably was. But it was fun and playful at the moment. Suffice it to say that she stayed with us for a bit (like an hour) and it was obvious she was attracted to Mandy. And maybe a little to me too. We parted ways around lunch time, promising to catch up later during the day, and perhaps doing dinner together.

Mandy & I went for lunch, just the two of us. And after a post-lunch quickie and a nap, we joined "The Girls" (Brooke, Meghan, and Jennifer) near the pool. I was a little struck at how toned Jennifer's body seemed to me. I knew she'd been going to the gym, but I hadn't realized how much it had paid off. And when we got there, Brooke was teasing her about that very thing.

"No, seriously, Jenn, those muscles are absolutely H-A-W-T!!!"

Jennifer was blushing. "Stop it!"

"Don't believe me? Let's ask everybody around here."

Brooke slipped behind Jennifer and started fumbling with the straps of her bikini, both top and bottom. Jennifer struggled against her roaming hands for a moment, and it looked like she might be able to keep it together for a while, but Brooke's lecherous nature prevailed. Seconds later, Jenn's bikini fell to the ground, showing us every inch of her statuesque figure. Damn, I would SO do her. And I could tell Mandy would like that, too...

The rest of the day was uneventful, if you call Mandy and I having sex in the ocean uneventful.

And at the end of the day, we got together with Lacey, just Mandy & myself, and had a great time. While I had nothing but sex on my mind, Mandy and Lacey were chatting away like two tweeting birds. They just couldn't stop. Even when we were done eating, they couldn't stop, and Lacey joined us for a night cap in our room.

And there, one thing led to another...