The following day was really hard. Mandy and I woke up wanting nothing  but  sex, but we had made reservations to go visit the ruins at Coba. I've always wanted to go up a Mayan pyramid, but since Chichen Itza was now closed to climbers (you can only watch), Coba felt like a good replacement.

We just hadn't counted on being so damned horny all the time.

That giant tentacle between my thighs just seemed to be even bigger, now, and definitely harder. It just had a mind of its own. Any time Mandy bent to pick something up (and she seemed to be dropping a LOT of things, lately), it rose to salute her ass. I'm sure she was doing it deliberately. She could have crouched to pick things up, but no siree, bending at the waist seemed like the ONLY way to go for her, now. So after a few times, I just got up, held her down with one hand, ripped her underwear off, and let nature take its (rather frantic) course.

"Oh YEAH!" she brayed. "Go GAWD YES!"

Those seemed the only words she knew how to say, at least for the following ten minutes. After that, we somewhat came to our senses.

"We're having a LOT of sex, lately, don't you think?" she asked.

I paused, the gears in my head suddenly turning. "What are you suggesting?"

"I'm so hot all the time... It's not normal. I have erotic dreams every night. I wake up, I'm wet. I look at you, and it's like a river down below. I see you look at another girl, and I just want you to bang me like a bitch in heat. I want to talk dirty to you all the time. Hell, we just DID it, and I want you in me again right now..."

Guys, it's not every day a girl talks to me like that, and if I believed it was for real, I'd be very flattered. But that's when it dawned on us that this was faerie magic at work.

"Minx!" I blurted out. "She must have done something to us before we left."

"Screw that. Screw her. I want to screw you again!"

And with those words, Mandy positioned herself for another round of sexual wrestling. Which turned out to be a small prelude to a rougher main event. We were ALMOST late to leave for the ruins.


The ruins at Coba are great. If you ever go there, DO rent a bike to do the road between the main ruins to the pyramid. First, it's faster. You'll have more time to climb the pyramid and enjoy the view. Second, if your girlfriend is in heat and happens to have gone commando, watching her wriggle around on the bike and almost climax from the pedaling can be quite an enjoyable view. For my part, since I had four sexy females to watch, all of whom were displaying various stages of excitement, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. They mostly tried to stay behind us guys, giggling and whispering comments at each other, but I wasn't duped. I'd occasionally stop and fall behind to take a photograph, then take my time catching up to them, watching those sexy, swaying butts on the bikes' thin seats.

It was a hot, bright, sunny day, and Mandy eventually asked me to rub more sunscreen on her shoulders and lower back. And since I already had the bottle out and my hands were wet, the other girls lined up for some sunscreen refresh. It was particularly odd with each of them, for different reasons. With Jennifer, it felt wrong. She's always like my little sister. Except a sister doesn't moan like this when you rub her shoulders. With Meghan, it was guilt, especially since she kept glancing back at me with mischief in her eyes (and her tongue repeatedly poking the inside of her cheek). And finally, Brooke... Brooke's been my bro for the longest time, but now that he's been a woman for over a year,  I'm almost always thinking of her as a woman. Except we've never had sex. But now, with my mind clouded with sex thoughts, it was getting more tempting. And her reaction at being rubbed with sunscreen was... enticing. "Damn, bro, you're pretty good at this." She pushed her butt back into my erection. "Oh, sorry 'bout that, man." Fortunately, it didn't go any further -- I was done.

Antony and Frank were affected too, in case you're wondering. I prefer not to dwell on that, since I don't swing that way, but when they thought we weren't looking, they were making passes at each other. You might think that they would have gone for the girls (their male-to-female urges kicking in), but no -- they were just more INTO each other than before.

We were somehow able to contain ourselves and finish the visit without ripping our clothes off and having sex in public.


Later that night, Mandy and I resumed our conversation from the morning (after a round of heated sex that I'll leave to your imagination).

"Definitely faerie magic going on," I said.

She nodded in agreement.

"And it's getting worse, isn't it?"

"Or better, depending on how you look at it," Mandy said. "My orgasms are coming in faster and stronger now than even a few days ago."

"What do you think's making this happen? What's changed, since we got here?"

We bounced a few explanations around, but nothing made sense. It wasn't the water -- we were drinking bottled water only. It wasn't a change in sleeping patterns -- we sometimes slept a lot, sometimes just a little. So what was the constant that had been going up during the last few days?

I was stomped, until my eyes fell on the near-empty bottle of sunscreen. Then it hit me like one of Mandy's raging orgasms.

"It's the sun! We're getting more tanned!"