It could only be one thing: tanning. Our getting more tan was the only thing that had been constantly increasing since our arrival. And it kind of made sense, now that I had thought about it.

On the morning of Day 6, Mandy and I were struggling with that understanding and our desire for each other. It wasn't long before we figured there was no point in resisting it. The tan wasn't going away, so we might as well enjoy the benefits. But we knew we also needed a plan to stay out of trouble, and keep the others out of trouble as well.

There were three days left to go. We were in Mexico. It was going to be pretty hard to stay away from the sun, but if we DIDN'T, we were going to become crazy sex bunnies by the end of vacation. They'd need a crowbar to separate us.

So after an hour of sex, we felt sufficiently relieved to get out and stay in control. It wasn't the case with our friends. Jason, Frank & Antony were wearing very loose clothing, but it was pretty obvious they had uncomfortably hard erections and were sucking their stomachs in a feeble attempt to hide them. The girls were fidgety and squirmy, like they needed to pee. Mandy and I knew better. They just needed some hard sex. Even normally prudish Jennifer was having a difficult time keeping her hands from her crotch and boobs.

Fortunately, I had a stroke of genius. "Guys, why don't we go cenote diving? I've heard of these great spots not far from the resort: The Pit, and Dos Ojos. I hear those are fantastic!"

If you're not familiar with cenotes, those are kind of semi open-sky caves in which you can do some amazing scuba diving. They are usually inland and have fresh water; some have salt water if you dive deep enough. The one known as The Pit is such a pit. And if you go even deeper, there's a layer of sulfites that looks like a fuzzy yellow cloud. You can sink in it and disappear. But anyway, the GOOD news about cenotes is that there's usually not as much sunlight in there. So no chance to get a stronger tan. Thus, our condition wouldn't get any worse.

Everybody thought it was a great idea, except Jason and Jennifer. They just wanted to stay at the resort (and bang each other like wild weasels, I think). I noticed Jennifer really looked buff -- more than usual. I wondered if that was the result of some faerie magic. Either way, I told her she looked a little sick, and perhaps she should stay out of the sun for the day. Jason agreed. "I think Jaycee's right. You should get some rest. I'll take care of you."

I knew what THAT meant.

So the rest of us went diving for the day. The water was fairly "cold" (by Mexican standards), so we all had to wear wet suits. Even better to avoid getting a tan. It was an incredible experience, actually, and I think we all forgot for a while how crazy horny we all were.

And it was fairly late when we got back to the resort, so we didn't really get much of a chance to tan. Next stop: cleaning up our gear, then getting ready for dinner.

* * *

Dinner was over much too fast. We all wanted to get back to our bedrooms and have at it like rabbits. We ate our food, yawned like we were tired (to signal to the others that we were about to retire), and finally got up to leave. Some of us (Mandy, Frank, Brooke) made a detour by the bathrooms before heading back to their rooms. Me, I went straight back to my room, with Meghan following me not too far. It was legitimate, since her room wasn't that far from mine, but I felt a little like a prey. She noticed I was nervous and laughed.

"Chill, Jay, it's not like I'm going to bang you or anything. Not unless you ask real nice."

She laughed again, and I realized I was being an idiot.

"Yeah, sorry, I've been on edge lately."

I got to my room, slipped in real quick, and mumbled a quick "G'nite" before locking myself inside.


The room had already been turned down by the staff, so there wasn't much for me to do. I put on a bathrobe, some slippers, and watched TV while waiting for Mandy.

After 10-15 minutes, I realized she was a little late. A bathroom break couldn't be this long. But I decided to be a bit more patient -- maybe she'd gone to grab us some drinks to finish the evening. But after another 15 minutes, I was becoming decidedly worried. As I was getting off the bed to get dressed, I heard some knocking at the door.

"Jaycee?" It was Mandy's voice. "Can you open the door?"

"Coming," I shouted back. "You lost your keycard?"

I opened the door, and sure enough, there she was. But it was obvious there was something wrong. She wasn't smiling, and there was something odd in the way she carried herself.

"Er... What's going on? You okay?"

She looked really upset. "Did you set me up or something? This your idea of a joke?"

I was confused. "Mandy..." I started.

She shook her head.

"No, bro," she interrupted. "Not Mandy. Brooke."