I'd spent all night searching for Mandy-as-Brooke, with no success. Brooke-as-Mandy was supposed to wait for me, but wasn't in sight when I returned to my hotel room. I was really exhausted and had to catch a few hours of sleep. I'd have to figure out a story that would cover this whole thing up, but my mind was spinning in circles. Too tired, too strung out.

So I slept.

It didn't last long. About an hour later, I was awakened by the sound of knocking at my door.

"Jaycee, open up! It's me, Meg." Her voice sounded urgent.

I dragged myself to the door, still in my boxer shorts, my mind too fuzzy to realize I featuring some impressive morning wood.

"Jaycee, c'mon!!!" Meghan insisted.

I unlocked the door and opened it. Meghan's eyes didn't even look at me -- they dropped look at my crotch. A look of delight spread across her face.

"Awesome!" she exclaimed, dropping to her knees and instantly pulling down my boxers at the same time. My big guy sprung into view. She grabbed it and swallowed it like a starved woman. All this took half a second, then all the blood drained from me into that one area where it does little good. In a matter of seconds, I didn't care that I was standing in the doorway of my hotel room, facing a grassy area outside, in view of anyone who'd happen to be looking in our direction. My sex-addled brain (thanks to the suntan curse) wasn't much use.

So Meghan had her way with me. She looked frantic and her head bobbed back and forth faster than I'd ever seen her do before. In less than a minute, I'd reached a powerful climax and gave her everything she'd come looking for (and more, looked like). I thought she was done, but she just kept going, even though I was getting soft. I had to forcibly push her back before she snapped out of it.

"S-sorry," she stammered. "Don't know what came over me just there... I can't stop thinking about that."

I was about to make some kind of witty remark, but her last comment got me thinking. What if she wasn't sex-starved, but just had an increasing to service me? Yeah, that fit... And Mandy -- now that I thought about it, it wasn't that she wanted more sex with me. What if she had a greater urge to do with me anything I wanted to do to a girl I was watching? Yeah, that fit too... And Jennifer! Sure, she had more sex with her boyfriend, but perhaps that was the result of HIS increased desire... Now that I thought about it... the more tanned she became, the more muscular she looked. And Brooke? It DID look like she had a major case of stiff nipples since we'd arrived. Maybe they were just bigger and crazy-sensitive... I'd have to ask her, next time I saw her...

Which brought me back to reality.

"Meg, you GOTTA go," I said. "You can't be here when Mandy returns. Or if Brooke shows up."

"Now now, don't be like that. We could have some more fun, you know?"

I interrupted her.

"This wasn't fun. What we've done is stupid. You've got a girlfriend, and I've got mine. This was a mistake and it's not happening again."

She reached for my crotch, and just the act of grabbing me there was enough for me to start getting stiff again.

"Looks like not EVERYONE agrees..."

I pushed her naughty hand away, grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the door. She was chuckling at my reaction.

"Out." I nudged her outside. I closed the door behind her.

"I'll see you later for breakfast," she shouted through the door. I heard her footsteps as she walked away.


About a half-hour later, I had showered and was out looking for either Mandy or Brooke. I didn't care who I found first, we really needed to coordinate and find everyone before it got messy. In particular, I was terrified at the thought that Mandy-as-Brooke might run into Meghan, and at what might happen then.

It took me several hours, but I finally ran into "my" Mandy (in Brooke's body).

She was in a spa. Topless. Drunk. And with three buff and equally drunk guys.