It was an incredible sex session. Brooke's body was the stuff fantasies were made of, and yet there was something dangerously familiar about it. It was designed to give the best sex you've ever had, and I was getting multiple servings, thanks to my improved male equipment. Eventually, though, her stamina for sex was greater than mine, and I fell asleep, drained and exhausted. I don't think it stopped the Predator, though: I vaguely remember waking up to see her mounting me, hips bucking, hands pinching her nipples. I came and fell asleep again. Maybe it was just a dream, though.

When I woke up, she was gone again. Despite the incredible sex, though, there was a pit in my stomach. The value of experience is that when the past starts happening all over, you can see it coming. My Mandy was turning back into the Old Mandy. It had started JUST like this, then became a series of slip-ups and apologies that spiraled down into a very dysfunctional relationship. This time, it was going to be different. I swore myself I'd avoid the old traps and pitfalls.

I got up, got cleaned up and called Meghan's room to see if she'd seen "Brooke." I was interrupted by a knock at my door so I hung up (there didn't seem to be anyone there anyway).

Talk about timing: it was Brooke-as-Mandy and Meghan, standing right there. Brooke started immediately: "We need to talk."

Those are never good words.


This turned out to be a long, complex conversation.

First, Brooke urged me to tell Meghan about "everthing-as-in-absolutely-everything." Which meant the Talk About Faeries. Which we had. It took a good hour. It explained a LOT that Meghan had never really understood. The Funcam. The spontaneous and unexplained orgasms she'd had after we'd broken up. Male-Brooke's disappearance, Female-Brooke's appearance, and their attraction to each other. The increasing urge she'd been having to give me blowjobs since we'd arrived here. Everything that everybody had been doing in the last week, really. And now, Brooke-as-Mandy, standing right there before her.

Meghan didn't really want to believe it at first. Especially that last part about Brooke and Mandy having switched places. But then Brooke whispered some thing in her ear, the kind of things that make people blush, I think. Meghan's eyes grew wide for a moment, then narrowed with suspicion.

"You know, there IS a way to know if you're my Brooke..." She paused. "Amen!"

Nothing happened. I shook my head.

"Sorry, it looks like ALL the curses stayed with the body, so that won't work on Mandy's body. But I promise you, this is Brooke, not Mandy."

Meghan sighed. "This stuff is crazy. I mean, too crazy to be made up, but it explains so much, I believe you."

That was a small victory. It took a bit more time to convince her NOT to talk about this in front of Jennifer, or Jason, or Antony or Frank. This had to stay secret. It was already getting a little too much out of control, these last few years. For the longest time, I'd been the only one knowing about this. Then there was Mandy. Then Brooke. Now Meghan. At this rate, everyone I knew would learn about faeries before year's end.

The next step was telling "Brooke" about what Meghan and I had done. This wasn't my secret to tell, so I looked at Meghan.

"So is there anything YOU would like to talk about?"

Meghan may be a biatch and a ball-buster at times, but she's not a hypocrit. She turned to "Brooke" and told her flat out. "I blew Jaycee. Twice."

"Brooke's" eyes widened. "You shitting me?!?"

"No. And the thing is, I still wanna do it. A LOT. Guess that's faerie influence, right?" She looked at me.

I nodded. "Yeah. And if I'm honest, you talking about it makes me want it to happen." My thoughts WERE getting pretty dirty, with me imagining Meg on her knees in front of me, my hands guiding her head in a back-and-forth motion. Yeah, it was getting exciting.

"Damn!" Brooke cursed. "Now you've got ME thinking about it!" She looked at my crotch, which was getting a bit overcrowded.

Fortunately, I snapped back to reality and backed away. "No, wait, this isn't going in the right direction! We have to find Mandy. You guys gotta help me. Who knows what kind of trouble she's getting into."

There was a slight pause, probably while Meg and "Brooke" were deciding between a very sexual option and something more altruistic. And fortunately, altruism won. We set out to look for "Mandy."