I stood there for a good 5-10 seconds, my mind flipping between dread and disbelief. But there had been too much faerie mischief in the days before, so dread won.

"Brooke?!? Are you kidding me? What the hell?" was all I could ask.

It was Mandy standing before me, there was no doubt about that. But now that I looked at her, the posture and body language was all Brooke. The way she scratched her hair behind her head was unmistakable.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm guessing this is your faerie's doing, right?"

"Maybe it is," I said. "But this doesnt sound like something that would happen JUST like that at random. Why don't you tell me EXACTLY what happened?"

I was getting pretty upset. The idea of Brooke having taken over my girlfriend's body was a very unpleasant one, and I had a real bad feeling about the whole thing.

She held her hands up defensively. "No need to look at me like that, I'll tell you. And look, this time, it REALLY wasn't my fault. She made the first move."

My heart sank and my blood froze. The feeling of dread got so intense I became dizzy and broke into a cold sweat.

"Where's... Mandy?" I asked.

"She ran. I couldn't catch up, so I came here."

"All right! Start at the top! What happened?"

So Brooke-as-Mandy told me the whole story. They'd gone to the bathroom. Brooke was feeling pretty randy, and while she was in the stall, she played with herself a bit. It didn't matter (or she didn't care) that Mandy was also there in the ladies' room. She must have made some noise, because Mandy asked her if she was all right. Brooke's answer was along the lines of "Yeah, better than... *NGGH* ...ever!" Mandy commented that she could hear that. And smell it, too. She also said that she'd noticed how I was looking at Brooke, and how, apparently, I was imagining the two of them in a girl-on-girl show. By then, Brooke was done with her business and the two walked outside. Moments later, just as they took a turn toward the cozy (and out-of-view) alley that led to our building, Mandy slowed down a second, letting Brooke pass first. She then hugged her from behind, holding her in place, and whispering "amen" in her ear. Brooke-as-Mandy told me how (as Brooke) she was overcome by a raging orgasm (stronger than usual, it seems, probably due to her high state of arousal) and collapsed to her knees, dragging Mandy with her. Within moments, Mandy had turned her around, unbuttoned her blouse and undone her belt buckle. From Brooke-as-Mandy's description, it turned into a pretty hot girl-on-girl makeout session.

Until Mandy's hand slipped into Brooke's intimate area and started pumping. Then, they both got dizzy and there was some kind of flash.

Once the dizziness wore off, Brooke was looking at her own body from the outside -- from Mandy's position. Both girls stared at each other for a moment, dumbfounded. Then, Mandy-as-Brooke pushed Brooke-as-Mandy away and ran off toward the beach.

So the only thing left to do was to come tell me what had happened. You can imagine I was none too pleased that MY Mandy had made a pass at Brooke. Felt like history repeating itself. Of course, I also couldn't quite explain what had happened. A body swap sounded like some pretty potent magic, and Brooke's description of the events didn't mention any faerie-like creature in the area. But that didn't matter right there and then -- there'd be time later to really figure out what had happened. Now, the REAL emergency was to find Mandy before she ran into anyone from the group (in particular, Meghan).

I told Brooke to stay in my room, while I would go out and try to find Mandy.

It proved unsuccessful. I spent all night looking for her, and eventually returned to my room at dawn.

Brooke-as-Mandy was nowhere to be seen.