We'd only taken a short vacation, just 8 days. Day 8 was just a half day, since we had to check out by noon and be at the airport for 3PM. I'd like to say it was an uneventful half-day, but it wasn't. And yes, it was because of "Mandy."

I didn't quite notice the pattern at the time, but it's now clear as day. But I'm getting ahead of myself -- more on this in a later post.

That last morning, I woke up to the muffled sounds of Brooke moaning in the middle of having sex.

Wait, what???

She wasn't in the room. The sounds came from outside. I got up and groggily made my way to the door. I looked through the peep hole and sure enough, there was Brooke (actually, "Mandy") getting screwed from behind, chest pushed against the door, her face red and flushed with heat. She was half-turned toward the Mexican guy who was having her way with her. He was encouraging her in Spanish. I didn't know EXACTLY what he was saying, but sex talk is pretty universal. It must've been the equivalent of "take that," or "you like that, don't you?" or "how does THAT feel?" Clearly, it felt pretty good.

I immediately saw red and opened the door, meaning to interrupt them. That didn't work as planned. She lost her balance and stopped herself against me. The guy behind her didn't miss a beat and kept on plowing her, clearly not noticing me. "Mandy" saw me, and even though she blushed a little, she reached down for my boxers, pulled them down, and freed my morning erection from its prison. Without hesitation, she bent forward to take me in her mouth, still keeping her butt in the air to allow her lover to keep doing his work.

As always where "Mandy" is concerned (especially in Brooke's body!), my brain shut down and I didn't really understand the impact of what we were doing until after... "Mandy's" squeals of delight were something to behold, as was her technique. The way she moved her tongue around my shaft and the way she gyrated her hips against the guy, it's clear she was no newbie at this. I held myself against the door frame and tried to delay the incoming orgasm, but she would have none of it. So a minute or two after it began, it was all over, in a great symphony of sexual moans and screams.

I was stunned for a few moments, as were my "partners." The Mexican came to his senses before I did. Realizing what had happened, he pulled up his pants, grabbed his clothes in a panic, and ran away before I could react, all the while screaming "Lo siento! Lo siento!"

I looked down at "Mandy," and she looked up at me. Her eyes teared up as she got to her feet. "I.. I'm so sorry, Jaycee. I... couldn't help myself! I'm... a slut. I'm so sorry! You must hate me so much, now!"

Her sobs broke my heart. I put my arm around her shoulders, brought her inside, and tried to console her. "Now now," I kept whispering in her ear.

One thing led to another, and in the process we ended up in bed again. And you know what they say about make up sex.


A few hours later, we all gathered to check out and go to the airport. There were a lot of tensions in the group. The four of us (Brooke, Mandy, Meghan and myself) knew what was REALLY going on, but not the others. Antony was avoiding looking at "Mandy." Frank (who had learned about Antony's indiscretion) looked really upset and was standing much farther from Antony than usual. I wanted to stay close to "Mandy," but to keep up appearances, I had to appear close to "Brooke" (who looked like Mandy). That made us both uncomfortable and we avoided touching each other. Jennifer also looked awkward in her clothes, like they were too tight (they were!) and she was afraid to make big movements and cause the seams to rip. Jason was the only one who looked blissfully ignorant of what was going on. (It was only later we really figured out that his IQ had dropped significantly as his tan had grown darker.)

The ride to the airport was fairly silent, as was the plane ride home.

We landed, got our luggage, and parted ways. Mandy, Brooke, Meghan and myself waited until the others were out of view before switching partners. I left with "Mandy" and Meghan left with "Brooke." It was an awkward parting and we all made it short.

"Let's get together tomorrow and talk this stuff out, okay?" Meghan asked. We all nodded, just wanting this to be over.

And moments later, it was over.


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