Seeing a topless Brooke is every man's dream. That girl has a KILLER body. Add to this a good tan, a proud rack, and nipples that look like they're about to explode, and you've got an instant replacement for viagra.

Who the HELL were these guys she was with, though? This was MY girlfriend in there, even if the outer shell was someone else's! (As I'm writing this, I realize how crazy this sounds, but that's just my life, I guess.) I watched in horror as one guy pawed her left boob and leaned in to kiss her. My heart sank even deeper as I saw her instantly respond to the kiss. I knew Mandy enough to know when she was just friend-kissing, and passion-kissing. This was the latter, with extra sauce. She rolled on top of him and one of her hands dove toward his crotch. I couldn't see much because of the bubbles, but from the motions that followed, it was easy to tell she was impaling herself on him. She started the rhythmic back-and-forth motion of sex, moaning and groaning like she hadn't done it in weeks. The guy was clearly enjoying this, and while he was into the action, he was enough of an ass to lift a hand and blindly high-five the guy next to him.

A-hole! That's my girl you're banging!

I rushed over and stepped into the spa, shoving people aside, and reached for Mandy's arm. Her hips were moving frantically and I could tell she was close to orgasm. Too bad! I yanked her away from her idiotic frat-boy lover, interrupting what was surely going to be a "Big One"(tm). Her partner didn't seem too pleased either and made a move to get up.

"...the F***?" he exclaimed.

I held Mandy with one hand, pushed him down with the other. Even though I was fuming, I was also wracked with guilt. Somehow, this was my fault and Mandy was just a victim. Explaining this to the guy, though, was going to be complicated, so I improvised.

"My girl!" I shouted, with a nod toward Mandy. "You drugged her or something?!?" I didn't leave him time to answer and turned to Mandy. "Let's go!"

It was best to keep HIM on the defensive. I dragged a confused Mandy out of the spa, grabbed a towel and covered her with it. Then I turned to the guy.

"You haven't heard the LAST of this!!!"

He wanted to get up again, but his friends held him down. We left with no fuss, which was fortunate since the guy would have easily made ground meat out of me. I took Mandy back to our hotel room, which took longer than expected because she was in heat and kept trying to coax me into having sex in a public place with her. She also came on to some couples we ran into and even one cleaning lady (who scurried away real fast, even after I "explained" my girlfriend was drunk).

In the bedroom, things got even more difficult for me. Mandy-as-Brooke was crazy with lust and didn't make much sense. It was all "I need you" and "Gotta come" and "Take me now!" until I had a light bulb moment. Then I spoke the magic word:


Yeah. THAT happened. And the screaming, spastic orgasm that followed lasted almost a minute.


When Mandy finally came back to her senses, she was more coherent. She looked at me for a moment, then lowered her eyes and sobbed.

"I'm... sorry," she whispered. "This is my fault."

I sat with her and urged her to tell me the whole story. She told me the same thing Brooke had said. It was her who had initiated the kiss with Brooke. She confirmed my theory, too. It wasn't something she'd ever considered before this trip, but since we'd arrived, she'd been looking at all the same girls I was attracted to, and she wanted to do with them everything I was imagining in my mind. I'd been fantasizing about kissing Brooke a lot, and putting my fingers (and other things) inside her was increasingly on my mind.

"Mandy," I said. "I... don't think it's your fault. You KNOW this is faerie stuff, right?"

She nodded.

"Well, it looks like the more you tanned, the more you've felt what I feel toward other girls. I think it's MY fault that you did this with Brooke, because I've been thinking about it too."

Her gaze, still downcast, shifted toward my crotch.

"Because of that?"

She reached and grabbed my package with delicate fingers -- it twitched almost instantly.

"Y-yes." I gasped a little. Damn, that thing was really quick to get hard. I tried to lift Mandy's face to look at me, but she resisted a little before looking up. It had been around ten minutes since her orgasm, and I could see Mandy's soul fading in her eyes, to be replaced by the Predator I knew so well (and hated). Blood was draining from my brain and rushing to my crotch. I felt faint and hot at the same time, as Mandy (or, if you prefer, a hot, naked Brooke) pushed me back to lie on the bed, and slithered on top of me. She pushed her breasts to my face and guided a stiff, puffy nipple to my lips.

I wanted to resist, but -- Lord she was HOT!

I was lost.