It took us several hours to find "Mandy," and I wasn't the one who found her. It was Antony, and perhaps now is a good time to elaborate a little bit on what happened to him and Frank.

You see, not everyone was affected in the same way by the sun. Me, it was my... (ahem) size. For Jennifer, it was that she was becoming increasingly muscular and “Amazonian.” And for our friendly neighborhood gay couple, it was... long and hard erections when in the vicinity of sexy females.

I’m giving you the summary, here. This is something we pieced together after the events, through careful questions, correlations and observations. Anyway, making a long story short: as their sun tan grew darker, their erections grew bigger, harder, and lasted longer. And to be clear, it didn’t increase their desire for women, just their biological response to their proximity. I’m guessing that must have puzzled them in the beginning, and perhaps raised a few questions, but they’re a tight couple. It didn’t take long for them to just bang each other like wild weasels every time it happened.

But when Antony found “Mandy,” he was in for a LOT more trouble than he had bargained for. We’d just told him Brooke been gone for a while and we didn’t know where she was – and could he help look for her, just in case? He’d agreed and hadn’t asked too many questions. Which was a good thing, since we didn’t want to give him too many answers.

What follows is based on our combined understanding of the events. We’re not sure about a lot of details, so I filled in the blanks.

* * * * *

Antony had looked in a few places, but didn’t really feel like spending too much time searching for Brooke. His better half (Franck) had gone to the spa to get a private massage, and Antony thought that was a great idea. That’s what vacations should be spent doing, not looking for a big-breasted redhead with a questionable fashion style.

So Antony went to the spa and requested a massage too. He wasn’t too particular about WHO his masseuse was, and it turned out it was a girl. Young brunette in her mid-twenties (named Alice, I think), slim frame and long legs, if you were in that sort of thing. Antony knew he wasn’t, but something in his crotch felt quite differently. Since the massage started with him lying on his stomach, Alice didn’t notice anything, but when he flipped over, the bulge between his thighs was obvious enough that she couldn’t miss it. But she was classy and pretended not to see anything. Then she asked him to turn on his stomach again, to relax for a few minutes, and she’d be right back.

No one knows quite what happened to her, but she didn’t return. In her place, “Mandy” went in, but Antony didn’t realize that until a bit later. She silently got to work on his body, giving him a “Massage Plus,” if you like. Let’s just say her hands touched him differently, and in places a masseuse had no business touching. Startled, he looked up to see who it was, and saw Brooke’s spectacular body standing before him. He didn’t feel any desire for it, at least not in his head, but his groin twitched in anticipation. Because you see, it wasn’t JUST the tan affecting his erection – the hotness of the girl played a big role in it as well.

And Brooke’s body was as hot as it gets. With “Mandy” overcome with crazy lust, poor Antony didn’t stand much of a chance. She was all over him in minutes. He tried resisting, but the moment she straddled his waist and slipped him inside her, he was a lost man.

As far as we can tell, it was only after five minutes that someone came in to his rescue. It took three guys to pry them apart. Because yes, Antony’s body REALLY got into it. Once “Mandy” started pumping him, it sounds like his particular flavor of sun tan curse enabled him to have multiple orgasms. After two or three of those, it’s hard even for a gay to resist a girl (or to even think straight, if you ask me). Once "Mandy" and Antony were split up, she turned on her captors and started seducing them. One started giving into her advances (an understandable temptation), but the other two kept things under control and escorted her back to her room (she gave them my room number).

She was still there when I arrived, a few hours later. She climaxed just as I opened the door. When I came in, she looked up at me, her hand still moving inside her shorts. Her eyes welled up and she started sobbing like a child.

"I can't stop. I just can't... Please help me?"



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