Hi all,

I've been very silent in the last two weeks (wow, TWO weeks already?!?), and to be honest, not a whole lot has happened of any interest.

First off, I've found a new job (okay, so maybe THAT's interesting, I dunno...). Anyway, that's kept me kind of busy. What's the job? Ironically, I'll be editing children's books. It's a pretty big departure from being a web editor. Also, big contrast with the rather adult content of this webcomic. And there's more:  I can work from home three days a week; I have to be at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm very happy with this outcome, really.

Last I wrote here, I'd met with Morgan at the cafe and there'd been a sighting of the Funcam-bearing hobo. I've tried doing two things, neither of which yielded particularly useful results: I tried talking to Morgan, and locating the hobo.

Talking to Morgan was pathetically unsuccessful. One day, the woman can't keep her hands off me; the other, she vanishes into thin air. I tried going to my old job, only to be told she had taken a sudden vacation, citing personal health issues.

I also tried locating your friendly neighborhood hobo, which didn't work very well. In this city, hobos are pretty much a dime a dozen, and no one pays them any attention. Not unless there's something distinctive about them, like having an oversized nose, or being morbidly obese, or having only one leg... But this hobo just doesn't have anything like that. He's your average, vanilla-flavored hobo. So I went to Plan B: involve the police.

Since there really was no way I could involve the cops and tell them the truth, I went through people I know: Antony and "Officer Frank." I made up some story about that hobo having stolen my expensive camera while I was having lunch, and asked if he could help me locate the guy who'd taken it. I explained I didn't want to make it a formal thing to avoid entanglements with the insurance company. I don't know if he believed me or not, but he said he'd hook me up with a sketch artist who could do a portrait of the hobo based on my description.

So on Monday (two days ago), Officer Frank introduced me to Fredrika, a sketch artist who looked something like a cross between a mouse and a librarian. Fredrika and I spent around 30 minutes working on the hobo's picture, which is now in the hands of some of Officer Frank's squad mates. If they find anything, they'll let Frank know, who'll let me know in turn.

So things are in motion. I'll let you know if there are any blips on the radar.