There's a little-known thing about faeries: they don't weigh anything. Or at least, they don't weigh much. I don't think any scientist has ever been able to experiment on one to figure out their real mass, but if I were to venture a guess, I'd say they weigh the same thing as air. Which isn't very much. This is probably why they don't NEED wings to just hover in one spot. But at any rate, I'm no scientist, so please don't try to explain to me the physics of faerie-dom.

Another detail that often puzzles people (well, the few who actually BELIEVE my tales about faeries, but have never seen one themselves): how come I can see faeries and other people can't?

That's because faeries normally don't appear to us like faeries. For most of us, we see them as butterflies, or dragonflies, or wasps, or ladybugs, or some other type of pretty insect. They keep appearing like this to us until such a time when they WANT us to see them as something else. In my case, it was at the same moment I was given my curse by Attitude. I'm sure it's different for others, but one thing is for sure: once you've been allowed to see one faerie, all others appear to you as they truly are. That seems to be irreversible.

What's pathetic about this is that some people think I'm crazy because I've been caught talking to that butterfly that seems to have taken up residence in my apartment.

If only they knew...