It's now 6:25 AM and Mandy just left. We spent the night up talking. There was a LOT to talk about.

When she showed up last night, I could tell there was something VERY different about her. Beyond the fact she no longer had that killer Playmate body, she also no longer radiated sexuality like before. She was back to the Mandy I knew. The one I really loved, before Attitude had her way with her.

When we talked about her behavior during the last few years, she recognized she'd done some pretty bad things, but didn't seem to remember some specific details, such as the magical aspects of what happened to her. No memory of the spontaneous orgasms when hearing "amen," no memory of the killer, sensitive body. But she did remember having hurt me, as well as her plunge into the depths of depravity, then the time she spent at the convent, then her brief days as a stripper. Then, she says, in September, she had some epiphany and decided to straighten out her life. She was doing some kind of 12-step thing, and apologizing to the people she'd hurt was part of that process.

Which led her to me. And she had something very important to tell me, something she'd kept to herself and which marked the beginning of her personal hell during these last few years.

Unbeknownst to me, she'd slept with Brooke.

You can well imagine my reaction, right? Well, yes, there as anger, but I also laughed. Perhaps a bit more bitterly than I'd like, but I admit, there was something a bit comedic about this whole situation. I told Mandy I wasn't surprised, not anymore, and that Brooke and I no longer were on speaking terms. I told her about the Meghan thing.

And then, I told her about faeries.

Understand this: I've never told ANYONE about this, except to the people who read this blog (and none of my friends even know I'm writing this). I was always afraid to tell anyone because it might mark them as another target for Attitude's mischief. But since Mandy had already gone through hell because of that, I thought she should know. She deserved it.

Of course, she didn't believe me, at first. She thought I was crazy. Faeries! But then there was another surprise visit: Attitude appeared and revealed herself to Mandy. Talk about shock! I've never seen Attitude do anything like this. Not ever.

Mandy was both scared and fascinated by the faerie. She didn't understand what it was that faeries did, so Attitude offered to demonstrate, winking at me. I shook my head and protested, but it was too late. The magic was cast and I was doomed once more. Attitude explained: "From now on and until the end of the week, every time a girl caresses his cheek, Jaycee will get madly aroused. If she then caresses BOTH cheeks, well... just try and find out."

I tried to protest and back away, but Mandy's hand was quicker than I was. She reached for my cheek and I was instantly overcome with insane lust. I tried to think of Lana, but she faded quickly in the clouds of my arousal. Then I felt Mandy's second hand reach for my other cheek, and erupted like a volcano in Iceland. I think most of my brain shut down at that time.

When I came to, I saw Mandy's face over me, peering into my eyes. "You okay?" she asked? I nodded, barely able to talk. Then she turned to Attitude. "That's an interesting spell, but I'm not interested. If we're to be anything to each other, it'll have to be from a normal relationship, not from magical spells." Attitude shrugged, grinned mysteriously, and went away.

And that brings us to now. Mandy's now gone, but I know she's back into my life, just as she was before we were split up.

And now, I've got another bone to pick with Brooke...