Sorry for cutting it short yesterday. Convinced Mandy to go see Killer Elite. It's not her type of movie, so she was doing it to be nice to me. Thus, it was my duty to at least make sure we were on time.

Anyway, after talking to Meghan, I think I've figured out what's been going on:

  • Last year, she thought I was cheating on her with Zuri (crazy, but hey, that's what she thought)
  • In retaliation, she flirted with Brooke, who didn't need much flirting to sleep with her
  • When I found out, Brooke cut all ties with her. She kept trying to be in touch, but he ignored her
  • After he got turned into a woman, Brooke finally relented and made contact with her
  • This "contact" was done anonymously (sorta). "He" introduced himself as Bria, male Brooke's imaginary cousin (to explain the resemblance in clothing styles)
  • Apparently, under this "Bria" identity, Brooke told Meghan that she was Brooke's best wingman (a partner who helps a guy pick up chicks)
  • Meghan and "Bria" got to know each other. Eventually, they slept together, and it sounds like they saw stars!
  • They've been "together" ever since. Which means Bria/Brooke is leading a double-relationship: one with Roseanne, and one with Meghan.

So the more things change, the more they stay the same. Brooke is still chasing tail. And this time, as a girl, she's probably more devastating than ever (which girl would REALLY have her guard up against another chick?). And if she's dating two girls, there's no reason to believe he's not dating even MORE than that. Mandy (with whom I shared all this) naturally agrees with me.

Guess I'm overdue for a little chat with Brooke.