It probably won't surprise anyone to learn there's a pecking order among faeries. While they live and operate alone, they do socialize with each other and aggregate according to rules that aren't unlike those of High School cheerleaders. (Come to think of it, faeries are a LOT like cheerleaders. The teasing... the mocking... the nasty pranks. They're like tiny Heathers.)

There is one difference between High School girls and faeries, however: faeries rank each other according to cruelty and breast size. In faerie-dom, this is actually the same thing. There's no difference. Faeries don't grow up like human girls do. They don't go through puberty, sprout fun bags and attract mates. Their... "development" is actually the result of their actions. The more pranks they play, the bigger they get. The bigger they get, the more power they have, and the nastier their pranks. It also affects the duration and complexity of their curses. So yeah, you may run into a faeries and tell yourself (size restrictions notwithstanding), "Wow, man, I'd sure tap that!" but that would be a tragic mistake. Don't let your mind go there! Trust me!

None of this chest growth happens overnight, by the way, so if you encounter a faerie in the woods (or elsewhere) and she plays a particularly nasty trick on you, don't expect her to bust out of her top. This is a process that takes decades. Faeries are rather long-lived. Or so I'm told. Maybe it's just a lie...

So, you ask, how "big" is the biggest faerie I encountered? Without going into details, suffice it to say that it's been years, and the... "issues" I have still don't show any sign of letting up.

But that's a story for another time.