Minx was in great form today. Seven pranks, in all, iterated 2-3 times each. I've had so much sex (with Mandy, on my own, and, once, with a warm cheesecake) that I wonder how long we'll have the stamina to keep this up.

But the worst one wasn't done to either one of us. Jennifer caught us by surprise last night, arriving around 8PM, with a stack of boardgames. DAMN! I'd forgotten all about that! We'd agreed to start a boardgame night every other Saturday, and this one was to be the first. Mandy and I looked at each other, knowing this was trouble, but we couldn't come up with a good excuse to cancel. While Jen went to the fridge to get herself something to drink, we reluctantly setup the first game (Zombies!!!), still wondering if there was some kind of way out.

Jen returned with a big glass of milk. "All right, let's smash some zombies!" she shouted.

It's a fun game, and seeing as nothing had happened so far, I figured if we stayed at the table and only touched the same things over and over, nothing WOULD happen. Maybe we could survive this night without embarrassing ourselves.

You can guess how THAT usually goes, right?

After 10-15 minutes of good, fun, clean gaming, Jennifer finished her glass of milk. And then it started happening. Within moments, her nipples became hard and puffy, poking angrily through her trademark t-shirt. She squirmed a little. Both Mandy and I ignored her. The squirming rapidly intensified and she started blushing, and breathing a bit harder. I tried to keep my eyes on the game, but couldn't avoid a quick glance. I immediately saw the wet spot that appeared around her nipples and radiated rapidly outward. My eyes returned immediately to the game and I pretended I didn't see anything. Jennifer quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom, mumbling something about needing a biobreak (apparently, that's a video gamer term for a variety of biological "functions"). From behind, I could see she was holding her boobs. Her butt looked really tight, too.

Moments later, I heard a loud, sexy moan from the bathroom. That must have been another trigger, because I immediately became all hot and hard.

"Dammit, Minx!" I said. "Not now! Jen's here!"

Mandy turned to see what was wrong with me. Then she saw my growing erection, and her eyes glazed over. She suddenly got this crazy, hungry look, and ripped her blouse open. I could've sworn she was wearing a bra, but it was gone. She dove for me, tore my pants open, and went down on me Russian style. She was frantic and determined; I couldn't have stopped her, even if I'd wanted to. I felt supercharged and clearly, so was she. We were done in almost no time, then stared at each other, stunned by the frenzy that had overtaken us.

We silently cleaned ourselves up, to the sounds of Jennifer still moaning in the bathroom.

When she returned, shirt in hand and a towel wrapped around her (impressive and slightly inflated) chest, Mandy and I pretended to look surprised.

"Mandy?" Jennifer asked, her cheeks flushed. "Can I borrow a t-shirt? Mine's all wet... Dunno what hormones they put in milk nowadays, but it DIDN'T agree with my boobs..."