Sorry for not updating you in the last few days.It's been a busy weekend (and I had a lot of writing to catch up on).

I've tried staying out of my apartment most of the time to minimize the triggers, but that hasn't been extremely helpful. Minx left a lot of triggers on ME, so even if I went out, there were still... problems. For example, on Friday morning, I went to the coffee shop to get my morning coffee, and accidentally touched the waitress' hand when she gave me my change. Instantly, her nipples popped up under her shirt, pointing at me like angry little rockets. She gasped and blushed, and tried very hard NOT to look down at her chest to see what was happening. As she dashed away to the bathroom, I was left thinking this was probably a trigger destined for Mandy.

Dammit, Minx, leave her alone!

And then Saturday morning, I I was supposed to meet with Mandy at a local place that exclusively serves breakfasts. It had taken some effort for me to even call her up and ask her out. I fell terrible for everything I've put her through, lately. Or, more specifically, for everything she's gone through because of me. Since she'd gone, we'd been exchanging only emails and text messages, figuring Minx would be less apt at using those to mess with us. So when I saw her on Saturday morning, it was the first time I was seeing her or hearing her voice in many days. When she arrived, I could see she was a bit of a mess inside. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and some sweatpants. Her hair was just tied in a rough ponytail and she wasn't even made up. I said hi, and so did she. I suddenly felt a little dizzy and reached inside my right pocket, where I found a tiny bag of faerie dust (how did that get there?!?). I couldn't stop my hands while my fingers swiftly opened it up and threw its contents at Mandy's face.

"What's th-- *cough*"

Dammit! Minx! What have you done?

Mandy began hyperventilating and her body twisted before me as she began to melt with lust. Her eyes fell upon my crotch, and in front of dozens of customers, she pushed me down on my chair and straddled me like a stripper. Moaning loudly, she began humping against me. I was in shock and couldn't stop her. She leaned toward me and kissed me deeply. I could see some children gaping at us from nearby tables, and a lot of parents quickly covering their eyes. Mandy was clearly going crazy and tried unbuckling my belt to get to the goods, but couldn't. I could see a clear wet spot at her crotch and knew what was in store for me if she could get her way.

And after nearly a minute, she stopped, paused, and sighed.

"I'm... sorry," she whispered. Then she ran away.

So that was Saturday morning. I didn't go back home last night, going instead to a hotel not far from work. I tried reaching Mandy, but she wouldn't pick up her cell. I called Antony, but he told me she hadn't been at his place since Friday morning. So now, it looks like she's missing.

Dammit, Minx!