Mandy's gone, but not Minx's triggers.

Today, on the menu:

  • Dishwasher soap. As soon as I dipped my hands in the soap water, they took a life of their own and pulled my shirt off. Then, they grabbed MORE soap and started rubbing it all over my chest. I'm sure that would've been sexier if it'd happened to Mandy (she does the dishes, normally, and I do the drying). Guess that one's a fail for Minx...
  • Banana. I ate one. Or tried to, anyway. I'm SURE I don't need to describe what *I* felt the moment I put the banana in my mouth. Problem is, something took over me and I couldn't stop thrusting and pulling the banana back and forth. At least until I came in my pants.
  • Phone moan. The phone rang (damn those telemarketing people!). With every ring, I moaned out loud. Couldn't stop myself. Every time, every ring, until I picked up. The only other problem: with every ring/moan, I got MUCH harder... Third ring, I was standing at full attention. More than that? Ouch! (You can imagine how CLOSE I stayed to the phone...)

It's not all that funny anymore, or even a little sexy.

Wish I could grab the little pest!