After what I told Minx yesterday (I swear, it just happened!), I knew I was in big trouble.

And I was right.

She's hitting Mandy and I with the full fury her magic can muster. Unlike Attitude, her spells aren't very long lasting, but that doesn't mean they can't pack a punch if they're condensed in a short duration. So instead of going for long, embarrassing curses that can last for days (or even weeks/months), she's apparently trapped the apartment with several mini-triggers.

So what does this mean? Let me give you a few examples from this morning:

  • Mandy went to the bathroom this morning. As soon as she sat on the toilet, some invisible force (from her post-factum description) entered her. It felt REALLY good (again, her words). She quickly figured out what was happening and got up, but the thrusting didn't stop. On the contrary, it ramped up (and so did she). By the time she was out of the bathroom, her knees were too weak and she was leaning heavily against the wall (her panties still around her ankles). When I got to her (attracted by her moaning), she collapsed into my arms, screaming in ecstasy. (Sounds to me like the toilet seat is cursed -- good thing I pee standing up.)
  • I avoided touching suspicious objects before leaving for work, wanting to make sure nothing would happen to me. Unfortunately, I think I was carrying an invisible curse: the moment I took my first sip of coffee, sitting quietly at my work desk, my right hand flew straight to my crotch and started rubbing. My erection grew quickly and I came within a minute. I struggled to keep my voice down and to avoid attracting to myself, but I think Melissa the receptionist might have noticed I was squirming in my chair. (I didn't take another sip of the coffee, just in case it WAS the coffee.)
  • Mid-morning, I stepped out to get a coffee at the corner coffee shop. I was distracted and bumped into someone as I was getting into the shop. He said "Watch where you're going," and as the words echoed in my ears, I felt my belt instantly detatch itself and my zipper came undone. Some invisible force then pulled my pants down HARD and there I was, standing in full view of everyone at the shop, wearing nothing but my Iron Man boxers.

So it looks like Minx has been furiously keeping busy, throwing tons of little spells around to make my (and Mandy's) life miserable.

Maybe her faerie nickname should be Payback, 'cuz she sure is a bi-atch.