So I met for coffee with Meghan Thursday morning. I unfortunately couldn't write about it until now...

But first, the question on everyone's lips. Well, maybe not lips (or everyone's), but the question that needs to be answered: did I tell Mandy about the coffee date?

Yes, I DID!

To be honest, I didn't want to at first. Before she got to my place on Wednesday night, I drew a list of pros and cons about it. The list of cons wasn't very big, but then Minx passed by and asked me what I was doing. I explained what such a list is for, but didn't get into the details about my relationship with Meghan. But regardless, her immediate reaction was revealing.

"I hope you DON'T tell Mandy!" she confided. "That way, I get to curse you for bad behavior!"

And just like that, the CONS won. So the moment Mandy arrived at my place, I sat her down, offered her some red wine, rubbed her shoulders, and asked her how her day was. I often do that, so it wasn't as transparent as it sounds, but she knows me SO well she wasn't fooled. So I just told her flat out.

"I've got a coffee date with Meghan tomorrow morning."

"Meghan? Really? Oh! Oh! You gotta ask her about Brooke, right? RIGHT?"

"Um... Yeah, I will."

It was as easy as that. Things are easy, with Mandy. She's come a LONG way, from the cheating witch she used to be, to the sweetheart she's become.

But enough about Mandy, you want to hear about Meghan, I know.

I got there right on time, but she was late. I ordered two coffees (I know how she likes hers) and waited at a table near the entrance. She wasn't long in showing up, but I was already irritated. She was the one who'd asked for this date.

"Sorry, traffic."

I knew that wasn't true, and called her on it. "You live a five-minute walk from here. I remember."

"Yeaaah... All right, I was late in kicking my lover out of my place."


"So. Why are we here?" No distractions, I just wanted to get to business. Because that's what it was: unfinished business.

And that's when Meghan told me everything. How she and Brooke got together during our group vacations last year. How she was CONVINCED I was having something with Zuri anyway. How she then suffered from these hot, orgasmic flashes for several months. And how she tried to continue something with Brooke, but he wanted NOTHING to do with her.

I had to interrupt her at that point.

"Wait, Brooke? I thought you guys were still... together."

"What? No, I haven't heard from him in, um... 8 months? A year? It's been a long time. But never mind that jackass, how's Zuri?"

"Zuri? Well, she writes, from time to time, but it's been a while. Why do you ask?"

She gave me a serious look.

"You're kidding, right? That girl was SERIOUSLY into you! Weren't you listening to what I said? I was SURE you guys were banging each other! Yeah, I know that's not true now, but I promise, I'm not making this up."

I was stunned. And with a little digging, it turns out that Meghan knew this because Zuri made some comments about me being "yummy" or something. But Zuri was really playful, so you couldn't take anything she said very seriously.

"So, Meg, what about you? You seeing anyone special? That lover you mentioned, is it serious?"

"Yeah, I dunno about that." She looked down at her coffee. "Maybe. And you're not going to believe it. It's a SMALL world! We met a bit before Christmas last year..."

"That's 9 months ago. I'd say it's serious, especially for you! So who is it?"

"Brooke's cousin. His 'wingman' Bria."

I thought about this for a moment, staring at her like an idiot. Then the pieces all fell together in my mind, and the puzzle was complete.

But more on this in my next entry. Mandy's actually PHYSICALLY hitting me because we're late for our movie this afternoon!