With apologies for being so silent during the last few weeks, I'm back! Back from Peru, then back from Easter Island, and now, just plain back from vacations.

And I came back to an empty place.

I don't mean empty-empty, but empty-as-in-Attitude-is-gone-empty.

When I came back in, it was just Minx in here. She's setup a nice little home for herself in the cupboard above the fridge. She's actually brought miniature (Barbie-sized) furniture in there. She even made a tiny spiral staircase that allows her to walk up and down between the two shelves of the cupboard. Top shelf is the bedroom, bottom shelf is where she's setup a little living room.

But anyway, I digress.

When I came in, she said she was in charge of the place now, and I'd better behave.

"Where's Attitude?" I asked.

"And by 'behave'," she replied, "I mean you don't answer questions, you just ask them."

I could see she was a little new at this. I figured I'd be helpful, so I tried correcting her.

"You mean, you don't ask questions, you just answer them."

"Watch your tone, mister!" she said, turning red in the face. "You don't give ME orders!"

"Hey, chill out, I was just..."

She zipped right up to my face and poked me in the nose with a tiny finger.

"Now YOU chill out!"


There was a sparkle between her finger and my nose, and suddenly, it turned real cold. My nose, I mean. What the heck??? What kind of a curse was THAT?!? I glared at Minx. She looked embarrassed, shuffling a foot in the air and keeping her hands behind her back.

"Oh, um... I... Sorry 'bout that!"

And on those words, she dashed away and took refuge in her mini-apartment above the fridge.