So how have things been at work between Morgan and I, you ask? Weird, very weird.

Naturally, after what happened last Thursday, Morgan and I avoided each other all day. At first, I thought I was the one doing most of the avoiding, but it soon became clear (from the averted glances, or the seemingly accidental changes in her trajectory when I popped up nearby) that Morgan was making efforts to avoid me as well. We really didn't talk much on Friday, except when I handed her some papers or when I answered some necessary questions.

Monday, she called in sick. It was a bit of a relief for me since I could do my job without having to worry about the awkwardness between us.

Yesterday, she showed up early. I normally do that as well, so we were the only ones there. She called me into her office.

"Have you... told anyone about what happened?"

I hesitated. "No," I admitted, "I'm not even sure WHAT happened."

"It's not your fault," she confessed. "I have... issues. Look, we can't talk about this here, but we have to talk. Can you come to my place tomorrow night?"

I know what you're going to say. Either "Rah rah, go for it dude!" or "Run! It's a trap!" Face it, she's my boss, I don't know if I have much of a choice. I think I'd go even if I did, if only out of curiosity (and a bit of sexual hunger, I have to admit).

I'm wondering what issues she's talking about...