So just now, strip #1 in the Princess Heather story is out. As I've mentioned here and there before, Sir Thane isn't gone, he's moved into the Bloomin' Forums, for members to enjoy. And he won't be in the form of a 4-panel strip anymore, but rather as a big, single-panel gag. Most of it will have to do with his curse and the consequences of it.

As for Princess Heather, she's a great character to work with. She's mean, bitchy, selfish -- and totally hot. I have to say, the stories we've done with her so far (W. Wondollar & myself) are sexier than what we've done with Sir Thane (lots of sex, orgasms, self-groping, etc), and I don't feel ONE BIT bad about it. Whereas Sir Thane was just a bit of a goofy-but-well-meaning idiot, Heather is one of those mean girls that deserve what they have coming. And she has a LOT coming. (Oh, and she comes a LOT, too -- but you'll see that soon enough. 🙂 )

Anyway, please forgive the first strip for its lack of humor and/or sex. I usually try to have one or the other (or, preferably, both), but for the first strip, I felt it was important to setup the basic characters (Princess Heather and Prince Albert) before doing anything else.