I've been working in Montreal for a week. Maybe it's time I tell you about more than strippers and instead share a little bit about what I do and who I'm working with.

First, there's my boss, Chris. Large guy, a bit loud and blunt, black hair, dark skin, and big fists, which he uses to punctuate every statement he makes. I haven't asked, but I'm guessing he's in his late thirties, early forties. Not much of a dresser: jeans, plaid shirt, no jewelry except a wedding ring.

Then there are my employees: Anton, Samuel, Chantal, Robin and Elise. Anton and Samuel are roommates. They're really good at their job, from what I can tell. They've been with the company for several years and they're very respected. I suspect Anton applied for the position I occupy, but didn't get it. No apparent hostility (yet?).

Chantal is also a senior copy editor. She was there before Anton and Sam, but she's not particularly ambitious. From what I get, she's a single mother of two boys and more focused on her kids than on getting ahead. She does very good work, but seems to have a tendency to idle if no work is handed to her. Not sure how to manage that—I've never really managed people before. (Suggestions, anyone?)

Robin was hired about a year ago. She's a science editor, so in addition to being a good writer, she's pretty versed in all sorts of scientific domains. In her spare time (lunch and breaks), I often catch her listening to scientific podcasts or reading Scientific American (among other things). She's very sharp, thin as a rail, and has deep set eyes that give her a hawk-like expression. Most of the time, she wears her hair in a bun, which makes her look even more uptight. She's often the smartest person in the room, and not just about science. She's quick to challenge authority if something is unfair or doesn't make sense. Oh, and just to make my life more interesting, she has zero attraction for me. And hey, you're going to be proud of me: no nudging! I don't want to mess with work!

Finally, there's Elise. She's not quite a copy editor, more of an intern that does everything the others don't want to do. The dirty work. She's a sweetheart, but I'm afraid she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. She's been in Montreal for only 6 months and this is her 3rd month at the company. She's cheerful, brings coffee and donuts for her colleagues, and she tries really hard to make everybody happy, but her work is a bit below average. This frustrates the others a bit (Robin in particular, who sometimes lets her biting wit get the better of her), but at the end of the day, I think they still like her. Maybe she's a bit of a mascot? (Oh, and I should probably mention she has a pair of outstanding boobs that seem to defy gravity. The poor girl is clearly a virgin and seems to have no clue about how her body affects males around her.)

I'm so glad I can't be affected by faerie curses anymore. This is going to be a fresh new start for me! I'll let you know how things develop on that front...

"I'm doing it."