I've had a very crappy week. I'm sure you'll understand why.

On Tuesday, when I came home, I found Meghan's key to my apartment on the kitchen table, without so much as a farewell note. Attitude later told me she'd taken all of her things with her. When I asked if she looked sad or upset, or anything, Attitude just shrugged and said I was an idiot. Then I asked her if ANY of this was her doing, if she'd done something to Meghan or Brooke BEFORE the trip, just to ruin my relationships with them. Again, she shrugged. "You're an idiot, like I said," was the only response. So I dropped the topic.

On Friday, Zuri dropped by unannounced to see if I was all right. I feel like the world's been collapsing around me in the last few months, and there's no one left I can talk to anymore. Except Zuri, I guess. So we talked for a bit, downing a few beers and watching some TV during the evening. We even played some Guitar Hero together, using that one-guitar-two-players trick (it involves some cuddling between the players, so it's best done with someone you're not repulsed by). Naturally, a part of my anatomy grew while I was holding Zuri in my arms, and she noticed. I explained that it was an "allergic reaction to women," which has gotten worse since the breakup, and we both laughed. Then, Zuri said she had to tell me something important. My heart stopped for a second, and against all odds, I thought she might want to confess her attraction to me, or something crazy like that. Look, it's NOT like I WANT a relationship right now, but it'd be a balm on my broken heart, okay?

But anyway, I digress. That's not what she wanted to tell me. She announced to me that she's leaving for a trip across South America next week. She's known since before the vacations, but we weren't very close at that point, and she didn't want to break it to me immediately after our return. She didn't want to bear bad news so close after the thing with Brooke and Meghan. But at the same time, she didn't want to break it to me at the last second.

So she's leaving officially this Thursday.

Man, life really sucks.