That's it. It only lasted a little over 24 hours. By end of day yesterday, I lost that little power over women that Minx gave me on Sunday. At least, I made the most of it.

To wit:

  • I aroused stuffy Mrs DeWitt at the office, while she was making a marketing presentation to her boss. No climax, though. She couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough once her presentation was done.
  • I gave Melissa several additional orgasms during the day, every time Craig passed by. By now, she probably thinks she's got a sexual fantasy about him. Maybe I helped them make a connection...
  • On the bus, I gave this busty girl an orgasm every time someone ran the little bell to get off at the next stop. (They got off, so did she!)
  • I went in the hospital at the end of the day. Meandering through the corridors, I made some nurses (and their patients) very, very happy.
  • And finally, last night, I went to that strip place where Roseanne works. It wasn't long before they gave ALL the customers the best show they'd ever seen. (Sad, Brooke wasn't there.)

So this morning, while I was having breakfast, guess who buzzed by to annoy me? Yup, Minx.

"I don't get why you'd wish for women to leave you alone. Please explain?"

"Well... I didn't think you'd actually do THAT. I thought you'd stick to the first part, where I'd arouse them and give them orgasms."

"Oh. And... did you?"

I grinned like an idiot, recalling yesterday. "Oh yeah..."

"Like... you did it a lot?"

"Oh yeah."

"And..." she continued. "Would you say that qualifies as very perverse behavior?"

I looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Well... some people might think that, yeah."

She clapped her hands, screamed "Oh, goodie!" and zipped away.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?