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  • EXCLUSIVE STRIPS: drawn by artists such as PortalComic, we offer strips not available to non-members. Note: some may depict more explicit sex.
  • CHARACTER ART: dozens of pictures featuring characters from the blog or from the strips (sometimes sexy, sometimes SFW).
  • SCRIPTS: you have access to all available scripts for the comics.
  • ROUGHS: you also have a preview of the strips as they are made.
  • VIDEOS: whenever possible, we include videos of the artist creating the roughs of the strip
  • E-BOOKS: you can get additional e-books (3k-5k words) to read on the go–more faerie mischief in the life of unsuspecting humans!
  • NO ADS: as a member, we ensure an ad-free experience. Hey, you’ve already given us money, why pester you with ads, right?

And how much, you ask, for all this Bloomin’ Goodness?!?

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  3. YEARLY: USD $35 (pay for 10 months, get two free)


Perhaps you’d only like to view the site without advertisement… We now offer you the ability to purchase a site registration privilege that lets you enjoy an ad-free experience when you log onto Bloomin’ Faeries!

And better yet: we let you try the first week for FREE! If you don’t like it, just cancel it. We’re THAT sure you’ll appreciate the experience!

PRICE: USD $9.99 per year

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