Hi everyone,

I've been debating about something for the Members Area and I think it's of general interest.

If you've been following BF for a very long time, you've probably figured out I don't want the comic to be too pornographic. There are several rules I've always adhered to (and will keep on adhering to) for the free comic:

  • No penises
  • No pussies
  • No penetration (not illustrated, anyway)
  • No fluids

I've been wondering if this is something that existing members (or potential members) would want changed for the MEMBERS AREA only. I've found that I sometimes go to great lengths (perhaps overly so) to avoid "money shots," and maybe this is something the members would actually want.

So please, leave a comment below with your preference, and please indicate whether you're currently a member or not.


"I'm doing it."