Once upon a time, there was Tinkerbell…

Tinkerbell wasn’t the smartest or most wicked of faeries, and that was her problem. There wasn’t a trace of malice and mischief within her. (She also didn’t have much in the chest area, but as you’ll eventually discover, that’s not unrelated to the previous statement.) At any rate, while she didn’t have what it took to be an even moderately successful faerie, she was resourceful and clever. She realized (eventually) that her best assets were her family appeal and kid-friendliness, and so she did what any of us with those qualities would do…

She got a gig with Disney. Yup. Walt himself.

And she did really, really well. Unfortunately for faerie-dom, she gave everyone the impression that faeries were wholesome, friendly, and absolutely harmless.

They are not.

Faeries are moody, irritable, and amused by the suffering of others. Some of their curses may have positive side-effects, if you can live with the embarassment, but by and large, most people would rather avoid it. Most people, however, aren’t aware that faeries exist until it’s too late.

And if YOU think you’re out of reach of faeries because you live in a modern world, well… who am I to tell you otherwise, right?

(Still, if I were you, I’d always be careful where I urinate when I go camping…)