With Attitude now back, you'd think my life would be completely chaotic and all, but she's been surprisingly subdued. In fact, most of the time, I don't see her in the apartment. It's like I'm the least of her worries. I've tried several times asking her about where she was during the last year, but she didn't say much. I only know she went to some kind of faerie court to find out more about who was that unknown faerie that was messing with Morgan. With what I learned recently (about this Old Crow fellow), combined with what I've discovered about faeries in general, I think I've got a scenario that could possibly explain everything that happened.

In a nutshell: Old Crow has a faerie friend, similar to the way Minx and I are friends. Whereas I think I've got a handle on my own dark impulses (and I'll admit I've worked with Minx to do some mischief in the past), I suspect Old Crow is a pretty sad fellow who just loves to humiliate women. Faeries, by and large, don't mess with each other's humans, but perhaps this one was talked into it by Old Crow.

This has gotten me thinking, though... Saving Minx from Cleopatra was an accident and she rewarded me by sharing her true name with me. Yay Jaycee and all that. But let's put this in the context of human nature for a second. What if someone decided to do it deliberately? How many faeries are there in the world and how many can one "befriend" in total?

This is a pretty sobering thought.