Princess Heather Everybody loves her. Everybody hates her. Everybody loves to hate her. Princess Heather combines beauty and malice in equal measures. She is the main target of the faeries' curses.
Prince Albert Princess Heather's younger brother and the butt of her pranks, Albert is still a boy first, and Heather's brother second. When he finds himself the benefactor of some magic curses that give him an upper hand against her, he doesn't hesitate to give her what she's had coming all this time...
Magic Mirror Sitting not-so-quietly in Heather's room, this (newest) magic mirror can show ANYTHING that is happening within line of sight of any other mirror in the castle. That is, under the condition that the request for a vision be made through rhymes (they don't need to be GOOD rhymes, though).
Faerie Our resident faerie is there to make the lives of all inhabitants of the castle as miserable (and sexually charged) as she can. She's cast a few curses upon Heather so far (and, really, we don't blame her), but there's plenty more for the rest of the castle-dwellers...(And no, she doesn't share her name with anyone. Don't ask.)
Marie McMuir Plain Marie is one of Heather's attending maids, and the only one who has been there for over a year. She can be crafty when necessary. She has avoided Heather's ire by correctly guessing her needs and flying under the radar.
Royal Wizard The king's wizard looks very knowledgeable, though he has yet to demonstrate the extent of his power. He certainly seems to know a lot more about female undergarments than he does about the arcane arts.